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I have always had to learn overcoming challenges that come my way

When I arrived as an early migrant to Australia, I had to embrace my differences and turn them into positives. I thought differently, so I brought innovative ideas and was determined to succeed via non-traditional route. Studying engineering, and working in a male-dominant industry, built my resilience and taught how to navigate through the adversities.

I landed an Executive’s position at the age of 29 with the help of a mentor. I led recruitment projects with Ford, General Motors and IBM, before shifting focus to setting up HR practice in startups.

I don’t believe I could have achieved (or at least not as early in life) what I have without the support and guidance from other women in the industry. And now I’m glad to give back to younger women who didn’t get the chances I did.

Most of the awards and recognition are for my contributions to the women in Fintech space. And I’ve loved every single minute of helping them advance in their careers and show that women can add massive value to businesses in this traditionally male-dominant industry.

When I started working in the start-up space 5 years ago what I saw shocked me...

HR leaders . . . anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and on the verge of burning out. As one of the few were widely known to have overcome this, I was approached to be their mentor and guide founders to establish more balanced HR practices.

Since then, I've set up a community of women leaders in startup HR. Built on a support system that combats burn outs and psychological restlessness, both common in rapid growth startups.

Professionally, working with early stage start-ups has been a fulfilling journey. It’s hard to express how much joy I feel every time a start-up reaches a stage where it’s valued at over a billion worth. I have been called “The Foundation Fixer”

My expertise is to get start-ups off the ground, rework their employer branding and build the foundational talent and culture core for them. My goal is to educate and equip founders with resources they need to ensure consistent growth with strategic People Ops practices via a series of discovery workshops.

As a mentor partnered with Women in Tech programs and STEM Universities, I'm here to coach women alike longing for the chance to get into Tech. 

Let's begin our journey together Now,